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Access to Justice is a fundamental social good. It acts as a cornerstone of a functioning society and ensures fairness and safety is afforded to all. This is why the promotion of access to justice remains at the heart of our social enterprise. 

People who lack mental capacity, or who are otherwise vulnerable, are often unlikely to be able to seek out the help and support they need. They often rely upon care professionals, friends or family to do so for them.

However, if a vulnerable person's support network is not aware of the range of options or support available, they will be unable to ensure this support is provided to those in their care.


Consequently, a lack of awareness of financial safeguarding and management services results in a denial of justice for the most vulnerable in society. 

In order to ensure vulnerable people are afforded the protections and support available to them, we provide free, independent training and advice services in order to equip the 'support-networks' (whether that be family, carers or professionals) with the skills to recognise financial vulnerability, and the knowledge to take appropriate action. 

We act as a point of contact for families, carers and professional organisations, responding to any queries regarding mental capacity and finances. The advice and guidance we provide is free and impartial.

For more information about how we can assist or collaborate, please click the option below which best describes you or your organisation. Alternatively, simply contact us directly for an informal discussion. 

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