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Family Quality Time

As the parent of a vulnerable adult, the reassurance that I receive from Tom Evans of Qualia Law as a professional deputy is unsurpassed.


Even in the most sensitive and emotional of conversations, Tom is able to support us as a family and find the most beneficial solution to our problem regardless of its gravity.


Tom Evans has been my financial deputy and point of contact for more than 3 years and he has been amazing at getting straight back to me and giving me all the information I need every time.  

He helps me to be able to use my money wisely and gives me great advice.

I can't rate this company highly enough - I would give it 10 stars if it were possible.


Tom Evans is a thoroughly professional and compassionate gentleman and runs a transparent firm - he is always available and nothing is ever too much trouble.


He looks upon problems as challenges and will always come up with a sensible solution.

Family Portrait

The greatest accolade that I can give is that, since having Tom in place as my daughter’s financial deputy, I am genuinely confident that she will be protected financially long after I am gone and that her needs will always be met, even when I am unable to meet them.

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