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There are a range of social care providers, professionals and third sector organisations that provide invaluable advice and support to those living with dementia, brain injury or learning disability. 

However, Mental Capacity Law and the workings of the Court of Protection are niche areas which require specialist, expert knowledge in order to ensure the vulnerable person is guided through the range of options available to them.

Our expert Solicitor provides free, impartial advice directly to the individual in need - or to their representative (such as an advocate, carer or support-worker). 


  • We work directly with care homes, social care providers, advocacy and support services in order to equip organisations with the specialist input that can make all the difference to their service-users.

  • We provide free training to professionals. 

  • We offer a confidential 'advice-line' for questions about mental capacity, safeguarding, and the wide range of options available to neurodiverse individuals.  

The social care and third sectors are stretched and under-funded. Professionals in these sectors often feel unsupported or left do deal with situations outside their area of expertise. We aim to support these sectors by acting as a point-of-contact for free, impartial advice that can be used to directly benefit the most vulnerable. 

If you are a professional in the social care or third sector, please contact us for free advice or an informal discussion about how we can help you and your service users. 

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