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We provide advice, advocacy and Court of Protection Deputyship services for people living with dementia, brain injuries or learning disabilities. However, we believe people should not be defined by their disability, but their individuality.  

Neurodiversity refers to variation in the brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. This is a technical definition and an umbrella term, which of course does not adequately describe any particular individual or their wishes, feelings and needs. 

Our services and support are tailored and targeted to suit a wide variety of individuals whose needs may vary significantly. We provide holistic, flexible support which ensures a balance of safeguarding and independence. 

Some people are able to make most of the decisions regarding their money or assets, but may require an extra safety-net in the form of an independent professional who can step in if they become unwell or unable to manage. Other people are unable to safeguard or manage their money at all and require hands-on support, which could include applying for benefits or paying bills.


Our flexible support caters to all levels of need and intervention. We ensure the support and intervention we provide is the minimum required to adequately meet those needs, thus ensuring independence and freedom are not impeded. 

To find out more, please feel free to contact us for a free, impartial, no-obligation conversation. 

You can email us: or call us: 0333 305 3057

Back with Tattoos

Tom Evans has been my financial deputy and point of contact for more than 3 years and he has been amazing at getting straight back to me and giving me all the information I need every time.  

He helps me to be able to use my money wisely and gives me great advice.

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