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Many people need help managing their property and finances.


A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows someone with the requisite mental capacity (the Donor) to choose someone they trust (an Attorney) to make decisions on their behalf. These decisions can relate to property & finances and/or health & welfare. There are separate and distinct LPA documents for each. 

We can assist you to determine which LPA document is most appropriate to meet your needs and can assist you to complete the appropriate forms to ensure they reflect your wishes and will be registered successfully by the Office of the Public Guardian. 

As Donor, you must have the requisite mental capacity to grant a Lasting Power of Attorney. In other words, you must understand what an LPA is, the powers it confers, and be under no undue pressure to appoint somebody as Attorney. 

If it is the case that you, your relative, or the person in your care lacks the capacity to make an LPA, it may be necessary to make a Court of Protection application. The Court may then appoint a Deputy. 

Please contact us for free advice and to discuss whether a Lasting Power of Attorney is appropriate for you or a person in your care.


We recognise that not everybody has the luxury of a trusted and reliable relative or friend upon whom they can rely to manage their property and financial affairs.


Many people require assistance to manage their property and affairs and would rather this significant responsibility be carried out by an independent professional. 

By appointing a professional attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney document, you can ensure that your property and finances are managed by a specialist Solicitor who can:

●      Maximise income from welfare benefits or pensions

●      Ensure land and property is insured and maintained

●      Negotiate payment of care fees

●      Safeguard your assets

●      Provide expert and independent advice 

●      Act in your best interests 

●      Remain independent from any existing or potential family conflict

If you are unsure about whether a professional Attorney should be instructed, or simply wish to discuss a matter which may or may not be suitable for a referral, please contact us by telephone, email, or by clicking here. Any advice we provide is free of charge, without obligation, and entirely independent. 

Our specialist, person-centred Professional Attorney service is underpinned by our core values of empathy, integrity, and transparency. 

Typically, Professional Attorneys are solicitors working in a private-sector law firm. As a nonprofit social enterprise, we do things differently. For us, the absolute priority is the best interests of our clients. By removing the profit-motive, we can focus entirely on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Our motivations and core values are instead based upon the delivery of an exceptional, bespoke, empathetic service. 

Every one of our Professional Attorney matters is dealt with by a specialist, expert Solicitor. We believe we are the only nonprofit organisation in the UK providing this level of expertise.

We recognise that every client is an individual, with their own particular wishes, feelings, challenges and needs. Consequently, we adapt our services to suit the particular needs of our clients in order to maximise their independence, safeguard their finances, and allow them to enjoy their lives to the full.

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We are a nonprofit social enterprise.


This means that our core objective as an organisation is to achieve positive social outcomes for society, as well as our individual clients. 

One of our core values is transparency. Therefore, we want to make sure the full details of any and all charges are set out clearly and transparently. The majority of our services are provided free of charge. However, some of our services are paid for directly by the client or the protected party. 

We receive funding through grants, donations and by charging fees for our professional services. These fees are paid directly to the social enterprise in order to further our social objectives. We do not have shareholders and we do not generate profit. 

We charge the following fees for the completion and registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • Property and Affairs LPA - £400

  • Health and Welfare LPA - £400

  • Both LPAs (Property and Affairs & Health and Welfare) - £500

If we are appointed as Professional Attorney, we do not charge any fees for the completion of the LPA.

In addition to our fees above, there is a fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian upon registration of the LPA. This fee is currently £82 per LPA.  

Our Professional Attorney service is charged on an hourly rate basis in accordance with guideline Solicitors hourly rates. We also apply a 'fee-cap' to ensure fees to not become excessive.

We believe that our flexible, holistic approach, which is based around P's best interests - not upon generating a profit - will result in fees far lower than those charged by a traditional law firm or a high street solicitor. 

In addition to our core value of transparency, we also pledge to work with the utmost empathy and integrity. Consequently, we will take steps to minimise our costs and charges wherever possible. 

If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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