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People living with dementia, a brain injury, or a learning disability often rely on their family, friends, or carers to seek out the help and support they need.


A vulnerable person's support network is often vital in recognising an individual's needs and in taking the first steps to ensuring those needs are met. However, much of the help and support available to vulnerable people is difficult to access or provided at financial cost. 

We are committed to ensuring vulnerable people (and their support-networks) are given free and impartial advice. 

People living with conditions that affect their mental capacity can encounter great difficulty when managing their money. Unfortunately, the banking system does not cater to the needs of the neurodiverse community and the safeguarding framework is often slow or ill-equipped to prevent financial abuse. 

There are a range of options available to ensure a vulnerable or incapacitated person is able to manage their finances in a safe and independent way. Alternatively, an independent expert can be appointed to manage a vulnerable person's finances in their best interests. 

Every individual is different. Therefore, the service and support we provide is bespoke and tailored to each person. 

Whether the person in your care needs only minimal support or advice, or whether they are unable to make any decisions at all, the range of services and support we provide ensures the correct balance is reached between safeguarding and independence. 

We provide:

- Professional Attorney services for people who do have mental capacity, but who may require further support now or in the future. 

- Court of Protection Deputyship services for people who have lost mental capacity to manage their own money

- Free advice and impartial guidance 

Please contact us for free advice or an informal discussion. 

Family Quality Time

As the parent of a vulnerable adult, the reassurance that I receive from Tom Evans of Qualia Law as a professional deputy is unsurpassed.
Even in the most sensitive and emotional of conversations, Tom is able to support us as a family and find the most beneficial solution to our problem regardless of its gravity.

I can't rate this company highly enough - I would give it 10 stars if it were possible.
Tom Evans is a thoroughly professional and compassionate gentleman and runs a transparent firm - he is always available and nothing is ever too much trouble.
He looks upon problems as challenges and will always come up with a sensible solution.

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